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readymade ruins

i want to collect these:


the answer is blowing in the wind

by millimeter/milligram.

learn cooking here

i live in popville

an adorable pop-up book to lift the spirits:>

i want to live here!:D

Popville by Anuouck Boisrobert, Louis Rigaud and Joy Sorman

paper game

a real quirky one (i’m a sucker for useless things made from paper)..

and i couldn’t even tell that the second one was also a paper model until i see the paper template OMGosh.

see more of their works here.

happy food

from chocolate editions.

curious collections

thanks to suzy for the link, i felt like i stumbled across gems. c’est jolie! series of hand-sewn objects carefully displayed in precious jars and wooden boxes, work of lyndie dourthe. do not ask me what they are for, is function all that important? they’re lovely. curiously reminds me of joseph cornell’s made-up worlds and donna ong’s delicate constructions. i really feel like making the mushroom garden for charmaine.