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neon orange

actually q funky, a new age rendition of constructivism, what do you think? hearts the neon orange one c printing.

found here.




for the past sem, i’ve been feeling drained and exhausted, perhaps 4 years of college is a little too much for me. peak was between year 2 and 3, and it must be the dark ages currently. but i’m starting to see the end of this dark dark tunnel so all is not lost. encouragements from my friends have been SO precious to me i can’t thank them enough. i’m slowly getting back on track, ready for the last lap.

he’s a surprisingly good presenter as well! oh.. how i love his accent:D really inspired after watching this, hopefully i can remain creatively driven and passionate about art and design like him for years to come.

smoking manners

japan tobacco smoking manners advertising from combinibento. straight to the point! smokers, be considerate.





black and white abstraction

intermingling, interconnections; endless pursuit for the perfect stability that never comes.

ways to satisfy my love for geometry:




see more of her work here.

plum tree

plum tree


plant me a plum tree

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had theseus chan as guest speaker in publication class today, a really inspiring and funny guy. i walked in late from printing and the first things to greet me were an impressive collection of WERK magazines laid out on the table. didn’t manage to take photos so here’re some from shift:




i totally love the way he experiment with different finishing and paper and non formats, making things imperfect and embracing the mistakes. he said that there is only one solution for perfection but unlimited possibilities for imperfection, it’s definitely a better way out and while everyone else flock towards the same goal for pretty and conventional goals, moving in the opposite direction can lead to surprising and amazing outcomes. theseus also suggested that we should step away from a project when we are stuck (i’m ALWAYS stuck midway), and move on to do something else, the next time we get back to it, we can see it with fresh eyes and new insights, or ideas could just pop up along the way. shall try this.. really.. fyp is giving me headaches, can’t seem to move on. anyway right now i’m really inspired to just start my own magazine. biannual maybe.