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ovals, triangles and dotted lines

zeppelins in peach tinted skies, check out those really cool collages by Valero Doval.


knitting mania

this is some serious crocheting… omg. this artist goes around knitting and making wearable structures and fantasylands in an almost mad artist’s fervor. if you haven’t heard of this one, you’ve gotta check out her website.

by olek. this last one is truly enchanting.

curious collections

thanks to suzy for the link, i felt like i stumbled across gems. c’est jolie! series of hand-sewn objects carefully displayed in precious jars and wooden boxes, work of lyndie dourthe. do not ask me what they are for, is function all that important? they’re lovely. curiously reminds me of joseph cornell’s made-up worlds and donna ong’s delicate constructions. i really feel like making the mushroom garden for charmaine.


for the past sem, i’ve been feeling drained and exhausted, perhaps 4 years of college is a little too much for me. peak was between year 2 and 3, and it must be the dark ages currently. but i’m starting to see the end of this dark dark tunnel so all is not lost. encouragements from my friends have been SO precious to me i can’t thank them enough. i’m slowly getting back on track, ready for the last lap.

he’s a surprisingly good presenter as well! oh.. how i love his accent:D really inspired after watching this, hopefully i can remain creatively driven and passionate about art and design like him for years to come.

i don’t want to be anyone i just want to be happy

close enough

“I Don’t Want I Want” by Marte Kiessling.

paper mania

these are magic! it would be great if i could throw an origami party someday and have my guests come in fabulously outrageous paper costumes, parading in a paper made world. idea.

Ndeur is a group of French who is behind the line of projects called Make a Paper World. These awesome shoes are made as accessories for designer Heidi Ackerman.


really, try figuring it out before you scroll down or you’ll miss out 3 quarters of its awesomeness.





you guessed it? papercut map of new york city. this is really a ‘holey’ s***. the contrast between the intricate lines and large stretches of white works wonders. i wonder if it really is totally perfect, no glueing to cover up any mistakes at all? actually selling on etsy if you’re interested.