Monthly Archives: April 2010

lamija look book

these illustrations brings back nostalgic memories of the cutout dolls that i used to play as a child. i was really fond of them.. sometimes i think it’s a pity that kids these days don’t get to enjoy those simple games that we used to play, cooped up at home playing cyber games because their parents have no time to bring them out or whatever the reasons.. it’s a pity. anyway, illustrations by krisatomic for lamija 2010 fall/winter look book:

and this photo caught my eye:

how should i put it.. she looks like a porcelain doll, almost monumental. i love the dress and art direction. by Emma Jonsson Dysell for lamija look book.


i live in popville

an adorable pop-up book to lift the spirits:>

i want to live here!:D

Popville by Anuouck Boisrobert, Louis Rigaud and Joy Sorman

i wish i could be as carefree

i thought it was a dream come true when u approached me that day. but i guess what i had in mind was different from what u had already planned. perhaps u are right.. in the long run it might benefit me a lot and i might regret the decision that i’m abt to make.. but i want to believe that there are better opportunities out there more suitable for the current me.. the me that can’t afford insecurities that’s why. i had felt frustrated and resentful for the fact that i can’t seem to fly to wherever i desire, tied down by many commitments; i want to be as carefree as her. but rather than running away, facing them directly and accepting my commitments as responsibilities and not burden, made things much easier to handle. as of now, i think i know what i should do. in the future, i will fly.