Monthly Archives: December 2009

low res

another funny shoe

by united nude.


geometry haven

eat geometry

an eco-fast food restaurant in the surroundings of barcelona, designed by Pablo Téllez.

fly me to planet plum

across the universe.

hansel and gretel

fashion shoot from vogue december 2009 issue recreates the story of hansel and gretel. featuring lady gaga as the witch. cute sets.

see more here.

happy food

from chocolate editions.

curious collections

thanks to suzy for the link, i felt like i stumbled across gems. c’est jolie! series of hand-sewn objects carefully displayed in precious jars and wooden boxes, work of lyndie dourthe. do not ask me what they are for, is function all that important? they’re lovely. curiously reminds me of joseph cornell’s made-up worlds and donna ong’s delicate constructions. i really feel like making the mushroom garden for charmaine.


for the past sem, i’ve been feeling drained and exhausted, perhaps 4 years of college is a little too much for me. peak was between year 2 and 3, and it must be the dark ages currently. but i’m starting to see the end of this dark dark tunnel so all is not lost. encouragements from my friends have been SO precious to me i can’t thank them enough. i’m slowly getting back on track, ready for the last lap.

he’s a surprisingly good presenter as well! oh.. how i love his accent:D really inspired after watching this, hopefully i can remain creatively driven and passionate about art and design like him for years to come.