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viscom way of zen meditation. stare hard.



winnie i think you’ll look great in this:

polka dotted motocycle helmet from ruby. gor might like it too.

sing sang sung

beautifully hypnotic. loved the psychedelic colour scheme and the slow fluid movement of the graphics–always enchanted by things moving at reduced speed than normal. sound and graphics matches and run really smoothly together. i felt like i just went all the way beneath the surface and into the veins of a fantastical world and returned. sing sang sung by AIR. directed by Petra Mrkyz & Jean-François Moric.

i’m breathing again

i don’t want to be anyone i just want to be happy

close enough

“I Don’t Want I Want” by Marte Kiessling.

paper mania

these are magic! it would be great if i could throw an origami party someday and have my guests come in fabulously outrageous paper costumes, parading in a paper made world. idea.

Ndeur is a group of French who is behind the line of projects called Make a Paper World. These awesome shoes are made as accessories for designer Heidi Ackerman.

the giant golden book of biology

thanks to alvin. awesome vintage illustration by charley harper. oh how i love scientific drawings and diagrams!

Giant Golden Book of Biology 29

Giant Golden Book of Biology 22

Giant Golden Book of Biology 34

Giant Golden Book of Biology 47